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The Best Hardware for Video Meetings

Want professional quality video meetings? These hardware solutions will get you there:

Ever wonder why some video meetings look and sound better than others? The answer is in the hardware. Whether you use Zoom, Teams, StarLeaf or anything else, getting good quality cameras and sound systems will quickly transform your meetings and create a more enjoyable experience for all. Making sure they’re easy to use too, will be the icing on the cake. So whether you’re calling from a conference room or a home office, here are our best hardware solutions for video meetings.

Best video hardware for small meeting spaces

Whether you’re looking for a dedicated video solution for your home office or need to kit-out quiet booths and huddle spaces in the office for video meetings, we love these solutions:

This premium video sound bar is a universal winner! Its neat, compact design provides great quality video and sound in small spaces and huddle rooms for pretty much any cloud-based video platform. Just connect to your laptop via USB and away you go! 

Available with both Zoom and Teams software included, this neat, touch screen interface with built in mic and speakers comes with a separate wide-angled camera for small spaces. With no additional computer needed, it also supports both single and dual displays. 

With its own built in computer, the X30 (and X50 for medium spaces) gives you the winning capacity of the Poly Studio but with Teams, Zoom or StarLeaf video platform preconfigured. So video meetings are simple and seamless, with no additional computer plug-in required.

Best video hardware for medium meeting spaces

Bigger spaces mean your audio and camera have to work harder. So choosing video meeting hardware that’s fit for purpose will ensure everyone is heard and seen – even when you’re sitting two metres apart.

Designed for use with both Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms, the Flex B is a complete solution with exceptional quality sound bar, 4K HD Camera and one-touch start interface.

For Microsoft Teams this neat touch screen system is connected by USB to a hidden computer. It uses a speaker-tracking and auto-group framing camera alongside Poly signature audio which includes NoiseBlockAI, Acoustic Fence, Acoustic Clarity and HD voice.

Best video hardware for conference rooms and large meetings spaces

Make sure your most important rooms have the technology to support the decisions that are made there. With high-quality, simple solutions, decision makers can focus on the task at hand without worrying about technical issues.

Poly G85-T brings Microsoft Teams into your large meeting room or conference room with a complete camera, audio and touch screen solution. Featuring the exceptional Poly Eagle Eye Director II production-quality camera and Poly’s signature audio, this is a stunning solution for those important meeting spaces.

This modular system provides a range of collaboration features that can be used in any meeting space, but that work really well in board rooms and large meeting spaces. Wireless screen sharing, annotation, plus the option to add Poly’s HD camera and signature sound system make this a powerful tool. Use with Zoom , StarLeaf and Poly.

At TecInteractive, we keep our eye on the market looking for the best products that combine both great quality with ease of use. So your video meetings are as professional as you are. To find out more or for a free consultation to help understand how you can make the most of your existing set-up, contact us today:

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