5 reasons you should invest in a meeting room booking system

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Updated 28th March 2024
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Meetings may be the bane of many workers lives, yet they remain pivotal for decision-making in modern workplaces. A successful meeting encourages collaboration, expedites decision-making, builds consensus, and outlines next steps. However, one recurring challenge stands out as the Achilles’ heel of meetings: the cumbersome process of booking a meeting room. This is precisely where a meeting room booking system proves invaluable.

In many professional scenarios, individuals encounter the frustration of scheduling urgent meetings only to find all meeting rooms occupied upon arrival. Some rooms appear to be occupied while remaining unattended, causing further inconvenience. Attempting to secure a meeting space, one may inquire with colleagues or receptionists, only to be informed that all rooms are reserved and should have been arranged in advance. This situation exacerbates frustration as valuable time elapses. Despite efforts to utilise seemingly available meeting rooms, subsequent occupants arrive punctually, prompting the need to vacate. Ultimately, individuals may reluctantly relocate to alternative venues, such as local cafes, to conduct their meetings under less than ideal circumstances.

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In today’s workplace, we haven’t always got the luxury of booking a meeting two weeks in advance and we don’t always need the room for exactly one hour; work today is fast paced, collaboration is organic and unstructured. You need the flexibility to use meeting rooms as your people want to use them and not how outlook wants to structure them. This is where we’re starting to see greater demand for meeting room booking systems. A system like GoBright alleviates the problems you are facing – here’s how:

1. Visibility for everyone:

By having an interface outside each meeting room, it is easy for everyone to see if a room has been booked or how long it is free for. Something as simple as lighting up red when the room is in use or green if it is free, means availability can be quickly ascertained without peering into the window of each room.

2. In advance or on the go:

Book a meeting room from your desktop via the Microsoft exchange server – just like Outlook – or directly at the meeting room via the touch-sensitive screen. The two are perfectly synchronised so you know you always have the most up to date availability for each room.

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3. Meeting management streamlined

As Microsoft Teams is widely used by businesses, employees regularly rely on the platform to schedule meetings. Having a meeting room booking system that seamlessly integrates with Teams is essential for streamlining this process. What sets this integration apart is its seamless synchronisation with both Microsoft Teams and Outlook, ensuring that any changes made to meetings are automatically reflected across all systems. Accessing the full suite of GoBright’s offerings, including the Room Booking System, is made easy with a single click within your Microsoft Teams environment. 

4. Complete communication

Meeting room booking systems streamline team communication, ensuring everyone knows which rooms are free and where colleagues are seated. With GoBright’s ‘Find my colleague’ feature, simply enter a name to locate a co-worker’s current meeting room or desk. When meetings end early, free up space for others by checking out via the Room Panel. Leveraging a Room Panel offers practical benefits, providing clarity and convenience for all employees.

5. Flexible working 

In today’s workplace, giving employees flexibility isn’t just nice—it’s essential for keeping them happy and motivated. New research from the CIPD finds an estimated 2 million have left a job in the last year (2023) due to a lack of flexibility at work. Letting people choose their workspace and schedule helps them feel more in control and responsible for their work. Plus, it can save companies money by using space and desks more efficiently. With insights into how desks are used, businesses can make smart decisions about office design to better suit their employees’ needs. So, by being flexible, companies can create a work environment where everyone does their best work.

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At TecInteractive, we are committed to finding and providing the best meeting room technology solutions on the market, which is why we recommend GoBright Room Booking System. It provides all the functionality listed above so your meetings can be as time and cost effective as you need them to be – so the focus can be on collaboration, not on booking the room.

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