Inspiring Productivity and Collaboration with Audio Visual Technology

Audio Visual Tech is crucial for every office. Blueprint tasked TecInteractive with designing AV solutions for a flexible workspace as part of their showroom refurbishment. 

Project Overview

Company: Blueprint Interiors
Industry: Workplace Interior Consultants and Designers
Services: Consultancy, Design, and Installation

Blueprint Interiors new Flexible Workspace “The Loft”

On a regular basis, Blueprint Interiors revitalises its showroom WorkLife Central to ensure it continually showcases the latest design, products and technology reflective of an innovative and versatile workplace.

With the help of TecInteractive, this case study showcases the integration of audio visual tech, including Microsoft Teams Rooms and ClickShare, designed to facilitate hassle-free hybrid meetings. The outcome is a flexible, user-friendly environment that promotes productivity and inspires collaborative meetings.

Blueprint Interiors is an award winning workplace consultancy and designers. They transform offices into spaces that are modern, motivating and allow teams to work smarter. 

Their office, WorkLife Central in Ashby, Leicestershire, has been designed following the same processes they use when working with their clients. Beyond enhancing their own team’s productivity, it doubles as a showroom, offering clients an opportunity to experience a cutting-edge office space with state-of-the-art products and spark ideas of how they can improve their own workplaces.

Audio Visual tools are a key element to any office and integrating it into their own environment is a priority. As part of a refurbishment project to their upstairs showroom, The Loft, they asked TecInteractive to design AV tech solutions for a flexible workspace.

The Challenge: Audio Visual Integration in a Flexible Workspace

The aim was to create a workspace designed for interactive sessions, in which they could readily connect with remote participants. Their vision was to create a hybrid workshop environment offering multiple room layout options to accommodate various activities.

As the furniture in the room would be regularly moved around for different types of meetings, they wanted to avoid the inconvenience of relocating the technology and the potential for reconnection problems. They wanted to be able to set up the room for the task at hand and start without having to think about the technology. 

“TecInteractive have always been great at working with us in partnership at that design stage, so by describing what we wanted to achieve, they’re able to turn that into solutions”

Chloe Sproston, Creative Director at Blueprint Interiors
AV solutions in a flexible workspace

The Solution: A Flexible Workspace with Smart and Simple Audio Visual Tech

As the room is to be multipurpose, we needed to design a solution that eliminated the need for any items on the tables. To achieve this, we chose to integrate two 86-inch 4K displays, equipped with Microsoft Teams Rooms and ClickShare functionality for presentations.


Our goal was to maximise room flexibility by mounting everything on the ceiling or walls. Discreet ceiling-mounted microphones were installed to enable the team to move around during calls, ensuring that their voices are captured wherever they are. The two 86-inch displays were positioned so that they can be used in a variety of room layouts without the need for them to be moved on trolleys. The cameras installed below the displays will simply auto frame the participants in the room making it a hassle-free solution where everyone can be seen and heard. 


The Loft has been set up with Microsoft Teams Rooms allowing team members to simply walk into the room and with one touch join the meeting. The user-friendly and familiar interface of MS Teams ensures a straightforward and hassle-free experience.

Just outside of The Loft is the GoBright room booking panel, which provides a convenient way for the team to check room availability and view scheduled meetings for the day. Integrated with Outlook, users can reserve the room directly from their desktops.

We integrated the wireless presentation system, ClickShare, into the meeting room. This gives the team the ability to effortlessly present and share content from their desktops with a simple click, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables and allowing the freedom to present from anywhere within the room.

Audio Visual tech

“The goal is they don’t have to think about the technology. It just works. 

The successful collaboration on The Loft serves as a prime example of our partnership with Blueprint Interiors, which allows us to combine our knowledge and expertise to create enhanced spaces for you and your team. Together, we ensure that the technology seamlessly integrates into the workspace, allowing you to focus on what matters most”. 

Tom Bamford, Commercial Director at TecInteractive

Impact: Enhanced Productivity and Confidence 

With their newly adaptable workspace at Blueprint Interiors, The Loft serves as a versatile space for team meetings, workshops, and client presentations, whether in person or remotely. Smart and simple technology solutions facilitate connectivity and collaboration, freeing the team from tech-related concerns. Consequently, this empowers the team to enhance productivity and feel more confident in making the most of the space and its resources.

“Day to day it’s really transformed how we’re able to connect with each other as a team. The tech always remains seamless, which is really key to making it a success”.

Chloe Sproston, Creative Director at Blueprint Interiors

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