As Extrudakerb expanded, they teamed up with TecInteractive to improve collaboration and streamline operations using video conferencing tools.  

Project Overview

Company: Extrudakerb
Industry: Construction
Services: Design, Installation, Support, Training

As Extrudakerb grew and opened offices in Warrington and Bracknell, they realised they needed better ways for their teams to work together. Using paper for collaboration was slow, and more people were working from different locations. So, they teamed up with TecInteractive to find a better way. This case study explores how they tackled these challenges with video conferencing tools, an interactive display and meeting room booking system to improve how they work together.

Based in Doncaster, Extrudakerb specialise in the design and construction of concrete safety barrier and concrete drainage systems.

From its very inception, Extrudakerb has been a business that looks at how things could be done better and more efficiently. So it was no surprise that they wanted to take an innovative approach to their communication strategy too.

When we first met construction specialists Extrudakerb, their growth and success was proving a challenge for company-wide communication. With projects stretching across the UK and offices as far afield as Warrington and Bracknell, the teams needed to collaborate together, but avoid the drain on time and resources associated with their meetings.


“The TecInteractive guys are always available for any questions, training on new features released and they have helped us massively change the way we collaborate internally and with all our clients”

Danny Wake, Operations Director – Extrudakerb

The Challenge

  • Using paper as the main medium for collaborating on projects was inefficient and costly for printing
  • It was difficult for everyone working on the project to see the plans
  • Multiple people needed to view and provide input on the plans
  • Growth in projects further afield meant an increase in remote workers
  • Meetings in the Warrington office meant a whole day lost to drive there and back
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“We were able to demonstrate to Extrudakerb that by creating a state of the art boardroom in their head office, they could boost collaboration and improve efficiencies across their whole business – and save money too!”

Tom Bamford, Director, TecInteractive

The Solution:

Starleaf GT Mini with Video Conferencing licence

Through the purchase of the StarLeaf GT Mini video conferencing system, Extrudakerb have been able to roll out company-wide video calling so that everyone can have face-to-face conversations with colleagues and associates, wherever they may be in the country. The StarLeaf app can be used on both mobile devices and desktop computers and can be used in conjunction with integrated screen-sharing. This makes it easy for people to chat whilst looking at the same document – just like you would if you were in the same room.

The GT Mini conferencing system is set up to work seamlessly with the SMART 65”, so that colleagues can video call remote participants and collaborate on the SMART screen at the same time. It uses the same interface that staff are familiar with from the desktop version so people can just walk into the board room and start conferencing.  The brilliance of the StarLeaf system is that anyone can be brought into the meeting – regardless of whether they have video calling themselves – so long as they have an internet connection. Where that isn’t available, they can still audio call a phone through the StarLeaf conferencing system. This means that the managers at Extrudakerb can have meetings with their solicitors in Stockport or their marketing team in Bracknell, without leaving the building!

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interactive display

SMART 65″ UHD Interactive Display with Meeting Pro and Bridgit conferencing

The SMART Interactive Display provided an intuitive, efficient tool for the teams to work on construction drawings whilst eliminating paper waste. This 65” touch-screen, allows them to zoom-in, navigate around and annotate over any detail on any application, including PDF’s and CAD programmes. Ultra HD provides crystal clear visuals.

When meetings need to take place with remote participants, they can use Bridgit conferencing software that allows other people to view and annotate over the plans remotely, from their own device. With different coloured digital ink, it’s easy for everyone to see who has added what, whilst amended plans can be saved and shared easily with others.

55″ Flat Screen Display

Having a separate screen for secondary input, is really useful for the team when they need to view additional information that doesn’t need editing.

For financial data this has been really useful, as its so much easier to look at the data on a large display, where everyone can see what is being discussed.

video conferencing tools
meeting room booking system

Evoko Room Booking System

The new boardroom, with its state-of-the-art video conferencing system and interactive display, became so popular with people in the business, that they realised they needed a more efficient room booking system.

Evoko was the perfect choice as it integrated perfectly with their Outlook calendars, giving everyone visibility of when the room is booked and who by – so not even the management team can kick people out! And the rooms statistics generated have provided brilliant business case to create a carbon copy of the boardroom in another Extrudakerb office.

Gold Level Technical Support

We provided Extrudakerb with a three year support package, which they viewed as critical to their success.

The Outcome

The solutions adopted by Extrudakerb have digitised their output whilst making face-to-face communication easier and more time-efficient. Money has been saved by reducing paper waste and digital documents are much easier to view, amend and collaborate on. The ability to collaborate with colleagues, clients and associates anywhere has greatly reduced the time and cost of meeting travel, without losing the ability to see someone face-to-face. This means that they can employ the best people nationwide and provide the same quality of work that the clients expect.

We believe in making workplace tech smart and simple