How to mark-up PDF drawings without printing, using an Interactive Display

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How easy do you find it to mark-up PDF drawings? Sure, you can print it off and write your amends on it. Then you just need to scan in the amended document, and email it out so that everyone has a copy. It’s pretty straight forward – but not particularly efficient with your time or cost-effective with all that wasted paper. Not to mention detrimental to your corporate social responsibility to minimise waste and promote more sustainable working practices. Do you ever think that with so many advances in workplace technology there has to be a better way?

Well you’ll be pleased to know that using an interactive display to mark-up PDF’s could eliminate paper wastage and improve efficiencies in your business for good. Watch this video to find out how…

TecInteractive’s Commercial Director, Tom Bamford, explains the benefits of using an interactive display

Using an Interactive Display to Mark-Up PDF Drawings

First connect your interactive display, to a personal laptop, giving you access to all your standard desktop apps and documents. From here you can access a PDF drawing that you want to mark-up.

Using the interactive touch screen, you can zoom in and out or pan around the PDF document using intuitive hand gestures.

interactive display

Digital pens can then be used to mark up the PDF, make notes or highlight comments, directly to the PDF on the screen. If you make a mistake – don’t worry. Just use your fist as an eraser like you would do on a traditional whiteboard!

Once changes have been made you can save the document as a new PDF directly to your laptop. The saved document can then be emailed to other colleagues, either after the meeting or from the interactive display during the meeting.

Benefits of Using an Interactive Display to Mark-Up PDF Drawings

  • Makes PDF documents, including technical drawings, very easy and simple to review
  • Reduces the need for paper and printing
  • Remote participants can view and annotate on the PDF from their personal device in real time, wherever in the world they may be
  • Speeds up the decision making process
  • Saves time
interactive display in use in an office

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