What is Zoom Rooms?

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Video Conferencing

In the past few years, we’ve been relying more and more on video technology to stay in touch, both personally and professionally. And with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing workers to stay at home, the reliance on virtual working and video conferencing accelerated more than anyone could have ever predicted.

As hybrid working becomes the norm business leaders are considering options to support themselves and their employees to strike a balance between working from home and working in the office.

And one way to do this? Use Zoom.

Zoom is a leading cloud-based video conferencing software that allows businesses to hold virtual meetings. With easy meeting scheduling, screen sharing capabilities and meeting recording, Zoom quickly became a go-to brand for remote workers.

But Zoom isn’t just useful for home working, as we make the move back to the office, employees and customers want more flexibility with meetings to save time and money. This has led to a huge demand for meeting room software, like Zoom Rooms, that allows participants to call in from anywhere in the world.

What is Zoom Rooms?

Zoom Rooms is a smart and simple meeting room solution composed of video and audio equipment and Zoom software to provide a superior video conferencing experience. This audio-visual kit allows for clear audio, seamless screen sharing and high definition video in your Zoom meetings.

zoom room set up

A Zoom Room gives you everything you need to use the Zoom cloud-based software to its full potential and host engaging interactive meetings. Using Zoom Rooms means your team can join the meeting from another room in your office, or remotely from any location around the world. This allows for productive remote meetings, with easy content sharing and an engaging experience for all participants.

Zoom Rooms can be installed in multiple rooms of any size across your premises including a meeting room, conference room, board room or smaller huddle rooms.

How does a zoom room work?

Zoom Room optimises your entire meeting space by using specially selected audio-visual hardware for seamless video conferencing. You can also choose to use advanced scheduling equipment to manage room bookings and schedule a meeting from your Zoom Room.

When it’s time to join a meeting, Zoom software is ready and waiting so you can start the Zoom video with the touch of a button, offering simplicity and safety in the knowledge that your video and audio will work without a hitch.

How can a Zoom Room help me?

Increase Productivity and Collaboration

In a zoom meeting, it can be easy for attendees to switch off from the meeting and turn their attention to something else. With the help of Zoom Rooms, you can ensure those who need to call in feel a part of the meeting at all times with a full view on the meeting room and interactive content sharing.

This makes contributing to the meeting much easier, encouraging the remote attendees to get involved for a more productive session.

hybrid meeting in a zoom room

Stay Connected

For businesses with offices around the country, or even around the globe, it can be hard to integrate the sites and encourage staff to collaborate with those not in their location. But working together from afar does not have to be difficult.

Zoom Rooms help to keep your offices connected with quick and easy video conferencing, whether they talk every day or just a few times per month. Once they have an easy way to stay in touch, collaboration between locations is much more accessible so your teams can work better and achieve more.

Impress Clients with Video Conferencing

In the digital age, it’s important that your office stays up to date with the latest tech, so it doesn’t get left behind. Installing a Zoom Room is a great way to stay ahead of modern technology and present your business to your clients in the best way.

Plus, you don’t want to make a bad impression with poor video and audio quality that makes remote communication difficult.

video conferencing using zoom room

Save on Business Travel

Gone are the days where your team has to travel across the country to talk to customers and prospects. Your Zoom Room allows your team to host or join a meeting from the comfort of your office, reducing the need to travel for meetings.

Improve Meeting Set-Up

Zoom meetings have a recording feature, allowing you to archive the meeting and send recordings to colleagues and clients who were unable to attend. This also creates an opportunity to watch your meetings back and highlight ways you can improve your remote meeting set-up. This gives a unique insight into your Zoom meeting, allowing you to see first-hand how you can make them more engaging and encourage more collaboration.

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Zoom Room Licensing 

To take full advantage of Zoom Rooms, you must have a Zoom Room license, which is available through the Zoom website.

TecInteractive can arrange a demo for Zoom Rooms for you, please contact us for more information. Or alternatively, you can test whether your existing video conferencing hardware is suitable for Zoom Room through the free of charge testing feature.

zoom room meeting room set up

How to Integrate Zoom Rooms in My Business 

While it may seem complex, integrating Zoom Rooms into your business doesn’t have to be difficult. If you already have a meeting or conference room, then there is potential for Zoom Rooms to be installed.

Working with TecInteractive ensures your Zoom Room is installed hassle-free, with the right systems in place to take full advantage of your space while using Zoom. Our vast experience means we know exactly what you need to create a system that fits into your business and improves video conferencing for your team.

We also work closely with office fit-out experts, Blueprint Interiors to implement smart and simple tech and make it look good as well as work hard.

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