Common video conferencing problems and how to solve them

Video conferencing has transformed the way we work. It has enabled businesses around the globe to facilitate real-time, visual communications with associates, employees and customers from entirely different locations with ease.

As well as increasing productivity levels, video conferencing also enables substantial time and monetary savings that help boost the profitability and success of an organisation.

While saving money and being able to speak with anyone around the world through a virtual meeting is incredible, frequent problems with video conferencing can be a pain.

Technical glitches and software issues are some of the most common video conferencing problems and can result in an incredible amount of lost time and money but what are the other issues and what can you do when they happen?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some commonly encountered video conferencing issues and how you can solve them. Let’s get to it!

Common video conferencing problems

1. The audio quality isn’t up to scratch

If users can’t see or hear each other when using a video conferencing solution, productivity levels decrease substantially.

Delays and echoing audio can render many audio and video solutions unusable and leave participants frustrated and unable to communicate. Employees may even completely neglect the system in the future, which can lead to a wasted investment.

To fix audio and video problems, start by ensuring that you have equipment designed to enhance online communication for all participants. For example, acoustic equipment such as sound totems will help to minimise any audio disruptions associated with background noise and echo. These products absorb sound reverberation vastly improving the experience for those in the room and on the call.

Soundbars and microphones also improve the audio-conferencing experience in any room. TecInteractive offers a variety of sleek-looking conference speakers that can be wall or display-mounted and remove the need for tabletop microphones thanks to revolutionary microphone technology.

Our range of high-definition camera solutions also provide crystal clear visuals, auto-zoom, people-counting, and lifelike image quality.

Remember, it’s also important to check all connections, including your audio and camera systems, to ensure that all cables are securely connected to their respective ports.

2. Unreliable internet connection

A good internet connection is vital in order to avoid technical glitches in video conferences. Typically, lower upload speeds negatively impact the quality of virtual meetings. However, speed doesn’t always guarantee that you won’t encounter any problems as the consistency of your network, concurrent downloads and other factors could also impact the call quality.

Some of the main signs of internet issues include broken audio, frozen video, the inability to conduct screen sharing and delays.

The best way to avoid problems with online meetings related to internet bandwidth is to make sure you’re getting the appropriate speeds needed for your software to work effectively. You can start by checking the internet connection speed and bandwidth requirements of the video conferencing solution you’re using, then run speed tests to make sure that your internet is performing as it should. Finally, contact your internet service provider if you have any further issues with it.

Alternatively, TecInteractive’s technical support team is always on hand to support clients with any connectivity challenges or difficulties they may be having with their computer, software or other communication tools. Plus, because we work so closely with our customers to offer unrivalled support, should you encounter any video conferencing problems of any sort, we’ll be on-site as soon as feasibly possible to help resolve them!

3. Security worries

Security is a huge issue for most businesses, especially when it comes to online communications.

Online video conferencing solutions can be used for text, audio and video comms, as well as for file sharing – all of which are highly sensitive operations and can be a security concern for many businesses.

To help ease any worries, we advise finding out about the security protocols of the video conferencing solution you’re looking at investing in – research whether the platform provider offers regular security updates or supports the latest encryption technology. TecInteractive can help you keep abreast of the necessary updates needed to keep you, your business and your clients safe. If you’d like to find out more information about this service, feel free to book a virtual meeting with one of our advisors below.

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4. System and functionality issues

It’s no surprise that every system experiences a few problems here and there, nothing is perfect after all. However, if the same issues occur every time the system is in use, making it necessary for users to keep reaching out for tech help, they might be discouraged from using it regularly and won’t experience the true benefits of video conferencing.

Obviously, our advice on this video conferencing problem will be subject to the particular issue itself, however, here are some general tips:

  • Ensure that the video conferencing software you’re using is always up to date on all devices. Newer software versions often eliminate known bugs that cause recurring problems.
  • Train staff on how to solve common issues on their own to eliminate unnecessary delays and keep collaboration and engagement levels high.

TecInteractive offers a comprehensive training service for all clients and their teams so they can make the most of their investment and wave ‘goodbye’ to the common video conferencing problems that occur due to system issues. We believe that full training is the key to getting the most from your products.

For many of our solutions, the technology is super-intuitive so everyone can use it with ease. Where training is required, our friendly experts can deliver both in-person or online training. We are committed to supporting our clients throughout the lifecycle of their solutions, ensuring they get the maximum return and usage out of their products.

Install a complete video conferencing solution in your office

So, now you know how to solve some of the most common video conferencing problems it’s time to think about how you can make your video conferencing tech work harder for you.

At TecInteractive, we supply and install a wide range of leading audio and video conferencing technology solutions for different environments within your organisation.

We offer a variety of leading video conferencing platforms, complete meeting room systems and cameras, microphones, speakers and acoustic solutions to help you make the most out of video conferencing meetings, plus we can offer total product support to help you avoid any nasty problems.

As well as having the right tech and knowing how to use it, video conferencing technology can be a catalyst for productive working when properly integrated into your space. That’s why we work with Blueprint Interiors to shape hardware and software into your business and your surroundings, helping you to unlock the true potential of your staff and solutions. We have a broad range of products designed with your needs in mind from wireless presentation systems to interactive displays.

Let’s work together to solve your video conferencing problems

TecInteractive’s full-cycle approach means that we are ready to help you at every stage of your technology journey. From selection, to purchase, installation and ongoing support we are committed to helping you realise the full potential of your technology and overcome any issues in the process.

For more information, get in touch and give your team the tools to work better and achieve more.

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