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Nearly every business in the UK has been recently affected by COVID-19. 

Here at TecInteractive, we are here to support your business in a number of ways.

Contact us for advice on:

  • Video meeting solutions that enable home working.
  • Video meeting solutions that you can use when you return to the workplace.
    This requires a different hardware set-up to home working, using larger screens, cameras, audio systems and microphones that are suitable for the space. The right technology here will make a huge difference.
  • Digital signage to assist with health & safety advice/instructions in the workplace. Easy to install, easy to manage and easy to update.
  • Meeting room and desk booking solutions, to manage spaces and ensure your workplace is a safe place to work.

We invested in an interactive board from TecInteractive. It’s fantastic. Staff are impressed, clients are impressed. Linked to webmeetings and screen sharing it is an impressive tool. The support and service we have got from TecInteractive has been outstanding.

Praise indeed from someone who doesn’t give much out!

James Dodds
Managing Director, Envireau Ltd

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