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SMART Technologies

SMART interactive displays make collaborating with colleagues anywhere, as easy as meeting for a coffee. Contribute ideas from mobile devices, computers and interactive displays as fast as you can think of them.

SMART’s range of interactive displays make business collaboration quick and intuitive for colleagues wherever they may be. With SMART, the user experience is all about speed and simplicity, allowing people to connect to the main display, share, annotate and save without delay.

With automatic proximity sensor, walk up and write function and natural writing experience is as natural as writing on a flipchart. With a large range of tools and features for enterprise level collaboration SMART displays will be relied upon for years with their durable, built-to-last design.

SMART Board Pro

SMART Pro 6000 series

The most popular SMART Board Pro that makes meetings more efficient by looping in more minds, insights and perspectives. 65” & 75” models

SMART Pro 7000R series

The next-generation SMART Board Pro featuring the most precise writing experience with advanced collaboration and connectivity features. 75” & 86” models


7000R series also features

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