The Benefits of Smart Meeting Rooms

People want to work better and achieve more. And smart meeting rooms enable teams to do just that.

Smart tech is making life simpler and changing the way people meet. Smart video conference cameras, software, and collaboration tools are coming together to create future-focused meeting spaces: Smart Meeting Rooms.

Smart meeting rooms provide employees with video conferencing tools that make collaboration in the workplace simple, enjoyable, and inclusive.

The growing accessibility and quality of video calling mean that businesses everywhere are smartening up their meeting rooms and making them ‘video ready.’

The spaces promote work-life balance, eliminate (rather than cause) workplace stress, and help teams streamline their work and be more productive.

So, what are the benefits of smart meeting rooms? And how can they help you? Let’s find out more…

What are smart meeting rooms?

Smart meeting rooms are a crucial element of a smart office set up. Powered by intelligent technology that integrates into the meeting space, smart meeting rooms help create dynamic meeting experiences for remote and in-person attendees.

Smart meeting rooms are also perfectly suited to businesses with distributed teams or multi-site offices. Companies can achieve high-quality video conferencing, giving team members tools and resources that enable them to work together productively, no matter where they’re dialling in from.

Smart meeting room
Smart meeting rooms help team members to collaborate from wherever they are.

What are the benefits of smart meeting rooms?

Aside from keeping abreast of the latest tech by creating a ‘smart office,’ investing in smart meeting systems offers many benefits.

For starters, smart meeting rooms that utilise the best quality video conferencing systems can help businesses attract and retain the best people. Groups such as working parents and millennials often prefer companies that can offer them flexibility with where they work. Millennials are tempted by modern spaces with high quality, high-speed connectivity, reliable and desirable products. Having the best video conferencing technology also helps businesses avoid embarrassment and a myriad of technical issues when connecting with important clients.

Smart meeting rooms also provide instant cost savings on travel to meetings, and the return on investment is quickly calculated. 70% of SMEs would rather have a video conference than travel to meetings.

With smart meeting rooms, people spend less time on trains, planes, and cars so they can be more productive in the workplace but also have a greater work-life balance without the pressures of excessive business travel or commuting. This is equally applicable for internal and external meetings. It provides an added benefit for those working at multi-site premises – saving time commuting between offices for meetings with other team members.

Female on a conference call using smart meeting technology
Smart meeting rooms accommodate for a better work-life balance. Employees can confidently work from home and collaborate with those in the office.

Smart meeting rooms accommodate for a better work-life balance. Employees can confidently work from home and collaborate with those in the office.

The spike in remote working since the Coronavirus pandemic also demonstrates the importance of considering smart meeting rooms. 24% of the working population have been working from home in some capacity since March 2020, and the benefits of remote working haven’t gone unnoticed. Businesses are now having to seriously think about how they can navigate a changing working landscape and accommodate their employees’ needs. Smart meeting rooms allow teams in the office to collaborate with those working from home, making them an ideal choice for business owners keen to keep productivity on the up.

What equipment is included in smart meeting rooms?

There’s a range of leading video conferencing platforms and smart meeting room systems to choose from. Plus, cameras, microphones, speakers, and acoustic solutions to enable even greater collaboration.

Each product has its unique benefits and USPs. Here are just some of the options TecInteractive supply.

Zoom Rooms Smart Meeting Rooms

Zoom is widely used due to its simple interface that anyone can use. It is simple to set up a meeting and invite anyone to join.

Zoom Rooms can integrate with apps to enhance collaboration and productivity, with wireless screen sharing, whiteboarding, and room scheduling.

Additional features also include automatically generated meeting transcripts.

One of Zoom Room’s key benefits is that it’s one of the easiest video conferencing platforms to use, and you don’t need any training. It can be used on a desktop or in a smart meeting room for a fully configured meeting room solution. Making it fully flexible and scalable for a range of uses.

One of our favourite pieces of Zoom Room tech is the Poly Studio X50. An all-in-one premium video bar with a touch screen computer preloaded with Zoom Rooms. It works brilliantly in medium sized meeting rooms. Users on both sides of the call experience great audio with room-filling stereo speakers and next gen microphones that blank out distractions so you can focus on your conversation.

smart meeting rooms
Zoom Rooms integrates quickly, making it super easy to use.

StarLeaf Smart Meeting Rooms

StarLeaf is a video communication network that securely connects to a cloud network. With StarLeaf, you can connect with anyone, anywhere – even if they are on an old legacy system or don’t have video conferencing.

One of the main benefits of StarLeaf is that it is built with security at its centre. It guarantees the safety of the network through its own global platform, which has achieved ISO/IEC 27001 accreditation.

StarLeaf endpoints and the platform itself are renowned for their simplicity. It can be rolled out company-wide and managed centrally for a standard experience across meeting rooms. This means it’s effortless to scale too.

It is also interoperable with Zoom, Teams, and other video systems for a seamless meeting room experience.

The StarLeaf GT Mini is perfect for mid to large scale smart meeting rooms. It’s a complete meeting room solution that includes an advanced codec, camera, microphone, and choice of touchscreen controller.

Microsoft Teams Smart Meeting Rooms

Microsoft Teams (Teams) uses cloud-based technology to host online audio and video meetings plus web conferencing for anyone, anywhere even if they don’t subscribe to Teams themselves.

Teams provides many additional features to aid collaboration. Screen sharing, meeting notetaking and recording, instant messaging, file sharing, and meeting scheduling all help to bring people together before, during, and after the meeting.

Microsoft Teams is a popular video conferencing option that is easily scalable to suit smart meeting room requirements

Teams combines high-quality video and audio with security at the same accredited level as the rest of Office 365. If you subscribe to Office 365 you already have Teams online meeting facilities. Still, for the best quality experience away from the desktop (i.e., in a conference room), you will need to buy additional hardware from a certified partner like Crestron, Logitech, or Polycom, to turn meeting rooms into fully integrated video conferencing spaces.

We’re particularly fond of the Creston Flex B Series, designed specifically for Microsoft Teams. The Crestron Flex B delights the user with crystal clear speech during calls and stellar microphone coverage. A 4K high-definition camera provides auto-zoom, people-counting, and lifelike image quality too.

Another top feature of the Creston Flex B Series is its intuitive touch console, which controls every element of your meeting—removing the need for laptops and plugins, helping to streamline your session.

Finding the right smart meeting room for you

At TecInteractive, we give teams the tools to work better and achieve more. Making collaboration in the workplace simple, enjoyable, and inclusive – no matter where you’re dialling in from.

We shape smart tech to fit into your business, enabling you to unlock the true potential of your staff and solutions. From smart meeting rooms to interactive displays and presentations, everything we do is designed to help you and your team to thrive using technology.

If you’re looking to invest in smart meeting room technology, we can help.

We’ll work with you to create a system that fits into your business, enhancing productivity and collaboration.

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