Do you need a better small conference room sound system?

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With modern audio technology now more advanced than ever before, do you ever think you should have a better sound system for the medium or small conference room in your business?

Once there was a time when people only attended a meeting if they were physically in the room. Then we got conference phones and conference speakers, and people could join a meeting from wherever they were. The problem was that the sound quality of the conference room sound system was so poor, you often felt like you may as well not even be there.

Background noise would be amplified, comments got missed or clipped and the amount of repetitions and misunderstandings meant that all-in-all, voice conferencing was a pretty poor substitute for face-to-face meetings.

Video conferencing has certainly improved the way we communicate with remote meeting participants. With as much as 80% of the messages our bodies receive coming from body language, it’s no surprise that video calling and conferencing has become a preferred means of communicating with colleagues or associates in different locations. Visual clues as to what someone was saying, or indeed feeling, plus being able to show physical presentations or information also improved the dialogue. Today we have cloud-based video conferencing which allows great quality video as well as screen sharing but you may still need a better small conference room sound system.

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Desktop Conference Speakers:

Thankfully, there are lots of great products on the market that can provide a good quality desktop microphone and audio system in your conference room. We like the Evoko Minto which is a portable solution to put on the meeting room table, providing great quality sound for everyone sitting around the desk. Or you could go for a renowned brand like Logitech to provide the audio solution for your conference room, as well as the video camera hardware.

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But what happens when someone gets up from the table?  What happens if someone moves over to the display, or gets up to demonstrate something or write on a flipchart? What happens if your meetings aren’t static, desk based conversations, but are lively, busy interactive sessions, where people talk over each other or move around?

Need a Better Small Conference Room Sound System?

The challenge that many people find with their small conference room sound system, is that it simply doesn’t give the same experience for remote participants as it does for the people in that meeting space. Meetings should be collaborative, engaging and dynamic, but with many conference speakers, the result of that means clipped sentences, muffled sound and the need for continuous repetitions. Not only is this frustrating, it’s also incredibly distracting, as the users spend more time trying to focus on what’s being said rather than contributing to the discussions.  If this sounds like the meetings in your business, then you need a better small conference room sound system – but what is the best audio solution for your conference room?

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Nureva HDL300: Better Conference Room Sound

In summer 2017 a new ground breaking product called the Nureva HDL300 hit the market – a new medium or small conference room sound system that has been engineered from scratch to provide the most advanced audio conferencing solution that we have seen.

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As independent retailers, we’re lucky that we can choose to select and promote whichever meeting room technology solutions that we think offer our customers the quality, value and point of difference that they are so often seeking. This is what the Nureva HDL300 does. It uses Microphone Mist™ technology to fill the room with 8,192 virtual microphones which are all processed simultaneously to focus on the one closest to the speaker. There is no clipping of sentences and even dynamic conversations can be heard by remote users, providing a natural audio experience for everyone. Check out the video above to see what we mean…

Wall Mounted Conference Room Speaker & Microphone

The microphone and speaker bar is mounted on to the wall, eliminating distracting table noise whilst supporting more dynamic stand-up meetings. It’s fully plug and play with a self-calibration feature that means there’s no technical set-up or adjustment for the room. It’s designed for small to medium sized conference room spaces and supports a wide range of computer conferencing applications – including those with stereo output.

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If you would like to see (and hear!) what the Nureva HDL300 can do for your conference calls, why not give us a call or drop us a line to arrange a demo?

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