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6 Alternative Presentation Tools Better Than PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is still the go-to software when creating presentations. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Powerpoint is a good presentation tool and has some great functionality – if you know how to use it! But there are alternative presentation tools that are even better – and that offer a more intuitive way to create engaging presentations. And that is ultimately the aim of the game. In our smart-phone, touch-screen, dual-screen, multi-media worlds we are used to being challenged visually and aesthetically by the media that we see. So, if you really want to capture your audience’s attention, interest them and excite them, you need to think about using software and hardware that encourages that.  If you want a simpler and more intuitive way to present to an audience then these handy tools can help:

1. Visme

Visme is a cloud-based drag and drop software that’s easy to use and offers a vast library of images, icons and templates, as well as the opportunity to create cool infographics, data visualizations, reports and product demos. Add animation or interactivity to any element including surveys, quizzes, videos or ‘Call to Actions’ and view anywhere online via the URL or save as a PDF or HTML5 to view offline. With 900+ layouts and millions of images, this is a slick, professional option, but it might take some time to master all the functionalities.

6 Alternative Presentation Tools Better Than PowerPoint


Slides allows you to edit and access presentations online from any device, and also present offline. It’s a user-friendly alternative to PowerPoint , where you can use the simple editor to create a variety of designs and themes plus arrange main slides horizontally, with additional slides running vertically. It’s free to use, with additional paid-for features if you like it.

6 Alternative Presentation Tools Better Than PowerPoint

3. Emaze

Emaze is a simple to use presentation creation tool, allowing you to turn a flat presentation into a visually stimulating story using cool special effects. It uses HTML5 and so it works well on any browser or device including tablets and Chromebooks. With Emaze you can easily create a presentation in minutes with professionally designed 2D or 3D templates.  Just be aware it won’t work with older devices and takes up a lot of memory.

6 Alternative Presentation Tools Better Than PowerPoint

4. Prezi

Prezi lets you create engaging presentations that pan and zoom from page to page, rather than moving back and forth from slide to slide. Proven by Harvard researchers to be more engaging, persuasive and effective than PowerPoint, Prezi allows you to create non-linear presentations with ease but you can only create non-linear presentations. You can view the presentations that you have created online, and also download them in a Flash player format to play offline. There’s also a Prezi app for iPad.

6 Alternative Presentation Tools Better Than PowerPoint

  1. Google Slides

If you use Google’s G-Suite of applications then you may already be aware that Google Slides is a pretty useful presentation tool. You can create a presentation from scratch or upload and convert an existing PowerPoint. It’s simple to use, has lots of useful functionality and integrates seamlessly with your other Google applications including Drive, Sheets, Docs, etc. Like your other G-Suite applications, many users can collaborate together on a single presentation:

6 Alternative Presentation Tools Better Than PowerPoint

  1. Moovly

Moovly is a free online tool that lets you create animated videos and video presentations to engage and inspire your audience. With over 750,000 templates to use, or make your own from scratch, use the drag and drop and animation features to easily create videos that you can share in meetings or online. The site is free to register with and use, with more advanced features and options being available for an annual fee.

6 Alternative Presentation Tools Better Than PowerPoint

The Best Tool for Presentations

Once your presentation is complete, how can you display your presentation for maximum impact? Having an Interactive Display rather than a standard display screen can really bring a presentation to life. Not only do 4K HD screens bring a sharpness and quality to the images and videos you are presenting, the reach out and touch technology engages audiences to be a part of the discussion. Zoom-in or highlight parts of your presentation to draw attention to key elements. Or you can even invite participants to view and make their own notes on the presentation from their personal device. Used in the classroom for many years now, increasingly businesses are seeing how this touchscreen technology can engage and excite their audiences in a way that presentations on a static screen cannot match. With prices starting from just £166 a month, is it time your presentations got the 5 star treatment?At TecInteractive we are dedicated to making your meetings and presentations better using technology.

Find out more about using interactive displays or interactive whiteboards to create engaging presentations and meetings here.

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