Presentation Tools Better Than PowerPoint

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Microsoft PowerPoint is still the go-to software when creating presentations. But in our new world of video or hybrid meetings, we need more than just pretty slides to make our presentations engaging and memorable. 

The key to delivering great presentations online and in hybrid meetings, is to consider all your presentation tools, rather than simply relying on PowerPoint. Here are our Top Tips:

1. Great Slides

Great presentations need great slides. Obviously the messaging in each slide needs due consideration. But once you’ve got that right, what presentation software are you going to use to make it sing?

PREZI is a fun and engaging presentation tool. With Prezi Video you can share your slides or imagery next to you so it’s great for story telling and replicating that ‘in-meeting feeling’, to read expression and body language whilst presenting. Cost: £0-59 p/m

KEYNOTE is a versatile tool designed for Mac and iOS users. It can handle lots of different media and lets you make complex animations for free. It can also integrate with PowerPoint so two parties can use different apps to work on the same project. Cost: Free for Apple users 

VISME Visme is a cloud-based drag and drop software that’s easy to use and offers a vast library of images, infographics and data visualizations. Add animation or interactivity to any element including surveys, quizzes or videos. Cost: $0-29+

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2. Capturing it Perfectly

When it comes to perfect presentations, your slides are only a part of the picture. Literally. People underestimate the power of a good camera. If your image is sharp, you’re instantly more engaging to viewers. But unless your laptop is less than a year or two old, the chances are that the integrated camera is not up to scratch. 

We like the Logitech and Poly ranges of cameras for exceptional quality at an affordable price point. But which model will depend on the camera location and the size of the room. Choose from monitor-based clip-on cameras for home offices, all the way through to production quality HD cameras like the Eagle Eye Director II paired with the Eagle Eye Producer Video tracking module for professional, production-quality presentation tools that are better than PowerPoint alone.

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3. Sound as Good as it Looks

Getting the audio right in your presentations is essential. If people can’t hear you, the PowerPoint (or alternative) slides are only going to tell half of the story (if that!) Again audio needs to be assessed based on the size of the room and the type of meetings held there. You may find a microphone headset works well if you’re sitting in a small space. But for hybrid meetings in a room, a microphone that will pick up the speaker and eliminate background noise as the speaker moves around the room will be vital. Choose from ceiling panels, wall mounted mic/speaker bars or desk-mounted speakers.

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Presentation Tools Better Than Powerpoint

Ultimately, the best tools for presentations better than Powerpoint alone, are going to depend on your audience, your messaging and the environments in which you’re presenting. But in a world where business decisions are made and contracts are being won over video, we need to make sure that the tools we are using are up to the challenge.

If you really want to capture your audience’s attention, interest them and excite them, in order to win contracts and influence decisions, you need to think about using software and hardware that encourages that. If you need guidance and advice, on the best solutions for your business and meeting spaces, contact us for a free consultation.

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