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Poly G7500

The G7500 is the industry leading flagship video conferencing system from Poly. Providing a range of tools for seamless collaboration in meetings.

The G7500 comes equipped with a range of tools to boost collaboration and put content at the centre of your meetings. Share up to two content streams wirelessly from your device without the need of additional apps or tools.

Digital whiteboarding and content annotation make it easy to mark up documents and save when you’re done. For video meetings, the Ultra HD video and Poly’s trademark rich audio creates natural and immersive communication experiences.


  • Simplify user experience by combining video conferencing and content sharing in one  solution 
  • Wireless content sharing from upto two content streams
  • Content annotation and digital whiteboarding
  • People feel like they are together in the same room with Ultra HD 4K for video and sharing content 
  • NoiseBlockAI to minimize background noise
  • Native support for cloud video platforms like like Zoom and StarLeaf means no room PC or Mac is required
  • Customisation and security for room control using REST APIs
  • Easy to set-up, and flexible to build and add the mics you need
  • Includes Eagle Eye IV camera or EagleEye Cube USB
  • Includes Poly IP microphone, bluetooth remote control and cable bundle

Optional accessories



Utilise High Performance HD video for your meetings with the Eagle Eye Director II.

This intelligent HD video camera uses people tracking technology and automatic zoom to keep everyone in focus. Speakers don’t need to worry about staying in view or using remotes as the camera keeps the right people centre stage. 

With different camera angles in Cascading Mode, users get a more natural and immersive experience.


  • High definition video captures upto 1080p60 with pan, tilt and 12x optical zoom capability
  • Automatic zoom technology to focus on active speaker without using a remote control 
  • Capture multiple room angles for a more immersive experience
  • Single stream video of both the active speaker and everyone in the room to see nonverbal cues up close and maintain context of the room 
  • Measure return on investment with powerful data analytics for IT administrators* 
  • Extend into larger rooms up to 10 m such as boardrooms, classrooms and assembly meeting spaces. 
  • Easy to upgrade existing video systems for immersive-like meeting experience 
  • Remote configuration is easy with the EagleEye Director II App and web user interface
Why we like it

“If you’re having engaging meetings, you don’t want the technology to hold you back. With the Eagle Eye Director II, speakers are less preoccupied with staying in focus and the other party has a production-quality video experience.”

Tom Bamford, TecInteractive Director



The EagleEye Producer is a video tracking module that works alongside the EagleEye camera to automatically direct the camera’s view for professional and natural perspectives.

EagleEye Producer uses the latest camera technology and facial recognition whilst continually scanning the room to command the EagleEye camera (sold separately) to frame subjects with intelligent pan, tilt and zoom technology. The result is a natural video experience akin to a manually-operated video camera production.


  • Enhance video collaboration with hands-free camera operation powered by the latest in face-recognition and speaker tracking technologies 
  • Actively monitor room utilization for optimal resource allocation 
  • Produce impactful reports of meeting statistics for measuring number of participants 
  • Install into medium and small meeting rooms to extend the value of video collaboration 
Why we like it

“When you want the most professional experience for your meeting attendees and a stress-free experience for your speakers, the Eagle-Eye Producer gives you peace of mind and engaging video collaboration. Win-win.”

Tom Bamford, TecInteractive Director

Why we like it

The Poly G7500 offers users the collaboration tools they need for successful meetings and provides IT with a simple to install, customisable system that makes it easy to manage and deploy.

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